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Friday, August 13, 2010

No, Not Brad Pitt.......

I am still scrapping and working in my studio every chance I get.  I found these photos from 2006 of Erika and Coley in their new Easter dresses.  Erika is now a full 13 year old that would never be caught dead in a dress her great grandmother chose.  Coley wears her cheerleading outfit from sun up to sun down.  I called Karen to get the story on these pictures when I found them.  She never liked the dresses, either.   Whether you like the dresses or not, the girls are darling!  Fast forward 4 years later, I'm scrapping them into our ever growing album of family adventures and moments as well as using up lots and lots and lots and lots of brads.......yep!  I punched all those holes and put in all those brads!!!!  I posted on my CTMH bulletin board earlier for suggestions to use up these great embellishments because I have all the brads that CTMH has sold since I signed up over 10 years ago.  Someone made the comment about Brad Pitt for a play on words that has had me laughing in my head for the last few days.  Silly things that capture your attention!   I finally dragged out the I Am stamp set from the Tickled Pink scrapbook kit special CTMH sold a while back.  Love the flowers in the set but these are not my usual colors to work with.   Just what do you do with Easter and it's pastel pallet?????


  1. wow....that's a lot of brads! how many did you use? looks good!

  2. Mare -

    WOW! Fabulous use of brads! The flowers are adorable but the ribbon lined with brads is just over the top! Thanks so much for sharing.