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Friday, April 18, 2008

My Boys and Girls

This is a layout of a visit with my boys, Loren and Paul, on Mother's Day 2006. We walked along the Mukilteo Beach. It was such wonderful weather with a fabulous view of the mountains and Puget Sound. I will always maintain the most precious gift they can give me is their time and sharing of their lives.

This layout showcases my favorite picture of Erika and Coley, Loren and Karen's older girls. This was the summer of 2006 when we took Mukilteo/Clinton ferry to Whidbey Island (where we listened to bag pipers practicing for a clan gathering on the island) and drove up to Deception Pass to eat lunch, and then back down home via I-5 with a drive through La Conner. It was another wonderfully sunny day that ended up back at the Mukilteo Beach with ice cream, a walk on the dock and ice cream cones. Karen took the great picture of me and the girls on the dock.

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