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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dream Car

When I lived on Army posts, (Ft. Lewis and Heidelberg, Germany) I used to walk through the senior officer's neighborhoods because they has sidewalks and beautiful gardens around their homes. I started noticing that those field grade officers usually had a nice car in their driveways. You could even make assumptions about rank based on the car in the driveway. For instance, you'd usually see a Lexus or Acura in a Major's driveway, BMW and Audi in the Lt. Colonel and Colonel driveways, and Mercedes and Porsche in the General's driveways. I always wondered if I'd ever have one of those cars. My dream car since I was in high school was a Jaguar. I loved the round/oval grill and the sleek design of Jaguars. When I moved up to Mukilteo, I was still driving the Mom-mobile Honda Odyssey, even if it was a nicer, more luxurious model than my Mazda MPV. For one person, it was big. I felt like I was driving around in a large cavern most of the time. In the spring of 2006, I dragged out my good friend Torrey from school and we went car shopping. Long story short (and certainly not the stress I felt at the time) I ended up with a 2 year old Mercedes that I found on a Mazda car lot. I suffered from the shock of owning a Mercedes at first because in my mind, it was beyond the dream of a Jaguar. LOL For the longest time, I'd be opening the garage door just to look at the nice white "Benz" I had driven home and put to bed. There sure is a lot more room in my garage and sometimes people forget I don't drive a big 7 passenger vehicle that carpools everyone where we want to go but those are hardly things I'm having trouble getting used to. :) Marianna and Veronica laughed at me as I scrapped the photos of my "dream car" in January. So, yeah, I'm proud of it and I love driving my Mercedes.

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