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Saturday, June 2, 2012

More Heritage

I've worked on our family heritage for several years but the last 4-5 years, I've dedicated specific time to my research and documentation in the summer.  I started my research where I left off last summer and have traced/verified my maternal grandmother's side of the family to the Revolutionary War.  It was interesting to find a story in a small Virginia village archive about one of her great grandfather's move from Ireland to Virginia, being forced into military service for England, and switching sides to become a close aide to James Monroe.  After the war, Monroe granted his friend a substantial tract of land and a couple of slaves to raise and support his family of 12 children.  Isn't history interesting?

Along with all the research, I am also continuing my organization and documenting of the many, many boxes or photos, stories, and official documents that have been passed down to me from both several sides of our family.  It's quite a job.  Many photos and documents are fragile.  Handwriting is difficult to read.  Lots of information is fading so I feel like my work has some urgency.  Lots of things are so precious that I hope I can do justice as I assembly and creatively frame our family's legacy.  If anyone has any idea on how to preserve the Civil War personal journal and letters I found from my Great-Great-Great Grandfather, chime in!  I have a small leather bound, handwritten journal that this amazing man wrote in while serving time in Texas where he mentions Yellow Fever, people who were with him, his feelings about his command and responsibilities, how much he missed his family, and the running of the Underground Railroad through his house to help his friend the famous Sojourner Truth.  

Studio J is perfect for showing off the pictures I have once I find the stories behind them and get them scanned!  Here are heritage layouts I finished this week.  I decided not to use the same paper and themes for each layout.  It's a way of satisfying my creativity and having fun.  It IS fun to use different colors and patterns and play with all the little tools Studio J has!  

Close to My Heart has made Studio J so easy and affordable to use!  I used one of the digital layouts with directions CTMH posted on their website to learn some new techniques.  Then I created two of my own layouts using the techniques on my own.  What an easy way to learn and what amazing layouts I have!  

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  1. Hi Mare! I LOVE your Studio J layouts...! You have a wonderful blog! Thanks for finding my blog! Love your ideas here.