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Monday, August 4, 2008

Seeing Red

I'm literally seeing red! I have spent the last three days painting one wall and a section of a wall over my fireplace red. I had not idea how much work painting red is! I started on the small section above the fireplace Saturday and it took 4 coats of red paint. When I took the painter's tape off, I realized I had to repaint the white mantle. :( Now that the mantle is repainted, I now see more brush strokes in the red. I decided to wait and let the mantle dry completely before attempting to put coat 5 on that wall. So, yesterday after finishing the mantle, I primed the big wall that goes to the top of the vaulted 20' ceiling. I didn't prime the small wall but I'm not sure it really helped. Today, I painted three coats of red paint. I'll see what it looks like tomorrow in the sunlight. I am almost afraid to remove the painter's tape because that has not been very successful. I may still be climbing the ladder to repaint the the edges of the ceiling, corners, and baseboard, all of which will have to have the tiny areas primed and then carefully painted white. I think I'll use a small artist paint brush. When it's all done, I'll post pictures. In the mean time, I haven't gotten much stamping/scrapping done.......


  1. WOW! Red!!! You are awfully daring! do post pics :)

  2. i told is hard!!! maybe you can go over it with a dark shade if it doesn't work? I bet it looks great...nice & saucy!

  3. Oh goodness!!! I bet it will look fabulous when you are done!!! Please show us when you are done!!!