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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Retired Stamps

If you are a Close To My Heart Consultant and considering buying a stamp set that is on the retired list, you might want to ask someone like me (hint, hint) if I have that set. I always pull all the retired stamp sets I have and sell them at 1/2 price plus shipping. If you don't have the retired list, I have one I can email to anyone who is not a consultant. I'm going to see if there is a way to post the retired list or link it here. Items on it are available until December 31 or until supplies last. After a month or so, I'll be donating the sets I don't sell to a charity. (I have 33 stamp sets I'm selling......)


  1. Do you have Doodle??? It's my favorite set and it's taken a beating.... Just let me know!

  2. Hiya Mare!!

    I have something for you on my blog, stop by when you get a chance!!

    Loving your latest work as well!!


  3. Hi Mare, Just trying get round all the sisters to say hello and assure you I'm not ignoring you all, just having BIG computer problems. Hopefully now solved (I think I've aged 20yrs and lost 20 lbs the last 2-3 weeks). So I shall be calling again soon and having a good look around your blog.
    Hugs Heather xx

  4. Great idea, Mare.
    I have mucho stamps, I have a real hard time parting with my

  5. Hey Mary! Thanks for all the great comments on my blog. First of all the monkey with the 'Make a Wish' paper is from High Hopes. Second, grade 1 is not my first choice of grade (I prefer 3,4 or 5), however I know they will be fun and I will be busy! - I'm worried about how little scrapping time I'm going to get!!! Finally, we have to 'earn' continuing status by accumulating months and postings here in this district. I have just 'converted' to continuing status - meaning as long as enrollment is up I will have a job, just no guarantees of where each year (until I accumulate more senority!).

  6. Hi Mare,
    You are more than welcome to use any ideas you might find on my blog. That's what blogging's about isn't it finding & giving inspiration from & to each other? I think chocolate brown looks superb with all pastels - lemon, pink, blue, green, turquoise etc. I shall call back & see what you've done with it.
    Heather xx

  7. Hi Mare
    Loving your blog, I will be visiting at least weekly from now on. Good luck selling those retired stamps, sadly, I am not a consultant!
    I am thinking of starting a closed blog as a meeting place for us sisters. Do you have any thoughts on this? All feedback welcome ;)
    Thanks for all the kind comments on my blog
    Jane x