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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Home but......

Well, we're home from our trip. We spent a day visiting wineries, a couple of days wandering the town and viewing the beautiful old buildings of Walla Walla, WA, and another day driving down to Pendleton, OR to visit the Umatilla Indian Reservation Musuem and the Pendleton Woolen Mill. On Monday, I got a flurry of phone calls on my cell because my house alarm went off. My neighbor's dog was spooked by the alarm sound when she dropped off the mail and then when the door shut, the key to the house was left inside. The alarm company called, the police arrived, my brother called (he was the emergency contact) and I'm sure my neighbors were annoyed. But all is well. Then yesterday,we packed up, drove up for a nice visit with Paul and Katie in Cheney, WA, and finally did the last 5 hours of the trip home.

Both Michael and I were tired last night, he the most with all the driving. We didn't even unpack the car but crashed. This morning, when I was getting ready to come home, I couldn't find my camera. I'm pretty sure I left it at the restaurant we went t with the kids for lunch. I've called the restaurant, Paul and Katie have actually walked down to check under the table but my camera is lost forever. I'm just sick and my mind is going to all the negative thoughts about employees at the restaurant. :( I can get photos from Michael, probably better ones, too since he has nice, big, one with multi lenses, but I'm just sick about loosing the camera itself. It was a gift from Michael before we went on our Yellowstone/Jackson, WY trip last summer and I really, really treasured it. I really loved having that camera! It was so small and took great pictures. I carried it with me everywhere I went. Every time I used it I was reminded of him and now..........

Ok, so now I'm in replacement mode of the camera (though it won't be the same) and as I was unpacking I discovered the dreaded bottle explosion in my make-up bag. Now, I have all my stuff laid out to dry while I do a load of laundry. Today just doesn't seem to be my day.

I'm not really sure what to think of this trip, right now.........


  1. oh, that just sucks! i hope someone realizes that they need to do the right thing and turn your camera back in

  2. You poor thing :( I hope it turns up!!!! I freaked out over losing a basic grey paper pad and then it turned up... I have my fingers crossed for you :) Do you need RAK? I would be more than happy to RAK you if you send me your addy!

  3. On a happy note, you've just been dubbed the latest recipient of the Brilliant Weblog Award! Check out my blog for the details!!!!

  4. Here you go:
    First, you need to save the image to your computer. Usually if you hold down the shift/ctrl key and click on it an option for "save as" should pop up. I usually save it on my desktop so that I can find it easily! Then, you go to "customize" you blog layout and "add a new page element". You then pick "photo". It will prompt you to "browse" and you find your Brilliant Weblog Award and post it!!! Don't forget to save and publish ;) HTH!

  5. Hi Mare,
    What an eventful few days your'e having. (Is it full moon over there? - I blame all sorts of things on the full moon - I don't suppose it is but it makes me feel better). It's not the camera's loss but the irreplaceable moments in it that hurt the most isn't it?
    Speak soon - Heather xx

  6. That is such a poop! Hopefully everything turns around for you! If it makes you feel a little better...I left you a little something on my blog!