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Monday, July 14, 2008

Funeral Reception

Here are some photos of the party after the reception. It was a wonderfully sunny day and the company was great! I went to the mass for Karen's grandmother, to the graveside service where I got to see the plaques for her father and grandfather, and then on to a friend of the family's nice large backyard. Erika and Coley played croquet and Katie wanted to play with them soooo bad. It so obvious how much learning is done by imitating!

Coley at the turning stake.

Erika taking her turn.

Katie with her ball. I laughed because she is so tiny next to the ball! While the big girls were busy playing croquet and hardly had time to even say hi, Katie is very much a Daddy's Girl:

I do wish my camera would have captured her cute, sparkly, silver shoes!!!

I got a nice shot of Loren and Karen, too:

Cute couple!!! Love you!!!!

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