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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cape Flattery Layout

I'm back from my son's grandmother-in-law funeral. I took lots of pictures but I haven't sorted or organized them, yet. Before I left yesterday, I did finish a layout of our Cape Flattery Road Trip. I also used another of Marjorie's color challenges: # 11: Heavenly Blue, Sweet Leaf, Buttercup, Chocolate. I actually finished this layout in a day, which is amazing for me. I don't know how others do it so fast. I don't think this layout is particularly elaborate and not even as fancy as others who do it a lot faster. Oh well, I do have fun and I feel satisfied and usually very good after I finish a layout. So, here it is:

Left side:

Right side:

I just noticed, I didn't even use some of what I thought were the most beautiful pictures. I like to scrap people more than beautiful photography, though.


  1. Mwaha! I remember seeing this one on the boards ^_~ Just dropping another note to tell you it's lovely! And thanks for playing in yet another challenge!

  2. i saw this on the boards too & love paper tearing...wish it was more "hot" now. Oh it anyways. :)m and i saw your post on my blog about seeing me in action....believe's not as exciting as it sounds