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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Our Baby

I will mention Katie a lot as I blog. She is my first grandchild. Loren married Karen and we gained two darling, darling girls in our family, Erika and Coley (short of Nicole). They have been such an easy addition to our family and we love having them around. Erika is in 5th grade this year and Coley is in 3rd. We don't get enough pictures of them. Katie is my flesh and blood. She is the first baby we've had in the family since Max, my sister's son, who is now in Jr. High. So, when Katie was born, we were all excited. Here is the accordion book I made of her day last April. She is now one and almost walking.

This accordion book a special offered sometime last year. At the time I didn't know what to do with the book but got it anyway since it was so popular. It was so popular, it's now offered in as a regular item. It has pre-made up pages and so all you have to do is put photos on and embellish. Fun, easy, looks good. I took these pictures before I journaled but the journaling was just names and dates done with CTMH font CDs on vellum. I posted once on the CMTH artboard so those of you who are consultants have probably seen this. I'm proud of my book but probably mostly because it's of Katie but ...... well, here she is:


  1. Beautiful family! Love your artwork... have you added to my page!

  2. Mary,

    Just thought I would pop over here and let you know that you are more than welcome to scraplift!! I've been to Holland myself when I was sixteen. {my dad was born there}. I know there's a few of us "delft" lovers out there.

    BTW-You did a great job on your album. Family is such a treasure!


  3. What a wonderful album! She's beautiful!

  4. This came out lovely! So sweet.

    ctmh sister