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Monday, August 19, 2013

Family Reunion

Heritage and family is very important to me.  I am our family historian and you can see lots of the old heritage photos I've scrapped.  I scrap current things but my emphasis is on recording the important family members, events, and traditions.  Of course, being the historian lets me determine what events are important enough to scrap.  A photographer I'm not.  LOL  But, we have a bunch of photographers in several generations who have spent their time and money on that hobby.  I spend my time and money on documenting, which to me is more than just the photo.

You know all that, right?

What leads me to today's post?  In May, my dad died.  While his death was not unexpected and mostly a relief since his last years were so hard, it still gives those of us closest to him reason to pause and reflect.  Dad often expressed he did not care what happened to him once he died and he didn't really care about funerals or memorials.  But Dad had 5 children, 10 grandchildren, and one great-grandchild as his legacy.  So, we gathered as many of those three generations that are now spread from coast to coast in Onekama, Michigan for a family reunion.  That little lakefront town was Dad's love.  The houses he poured his heart and soul into are still there and lovely but that's another story.

Back to the reunion:  the cameras came out, the friends came, the food came, and we celebrated the amazing life of my dad.  As I growing up, I have to admit I didn't think my dad's life was so amazing but on July 26, Dad's pastor gave a heartwarming, honest reflection his life.  Memorials can be so revealing.  From the sermon, we went back to the rental house for these wonderful photos.  These aren't the photos from our family photographers, just mine from my little point and shoot.  That's OK.  I'll get the good photos from my brother and nephew, some of our designated family photographers.  Not everyone could be at the reunion.  That's the way it will be from now on as the family grows and moves forward.  This is a quick 9"X9" accordion album with current trendy embellishments, colors, style.

However, as trendy as this may be, it's meant to be a reflection and tribute to my dad.  There are informal groups and formal groups of family members.  Here's to the start of more family history.

If you have photos of loved ones, gather them.  Document who the people are.  Love the moments and pour yourself into the stories.  They matter.

Dad's Memorial/2013 Family Reunion

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  1. What a wonderful tribute to your father. I love the way you have scrapped all these precious pictures, too. I am sorry for your loss.