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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Better Late Than Never

My goal the last two years has been to use every stamp set I purchase.  I'm behind or late.  This layout features Close to My Heart's June Stamp of the Month: A Flowering Bunch.  To date, I have only three or four stamp sets I have have not used this year.  Yeah!!!

I met two of my college friends last summer in Kirkland, WA.  We've been friends for over 30 years!  I didn't take my camera and so the only way to record the event was with my iPhone.  I love my iPhone but it just doesn't do the crisp, clear photos that my little camera does and don't get me started on the photography features.  I think 30 years is significant in a human life, so blurred, grainy, fuzzy photos or not, I decided to scrap them.  I know this wouldn't win any contest but that isn't the point.  These are long time friends and a testimony to my life (everyone is always saying we should scrap about ourselves, right?) so here it is.  What I lacked in photo skills or equipment, I really, really tried in color and time building this layout.  It took four days to create.  And, still not stellar but loved and lovingly put together.  It tells a story.  It tells about me.  It tells about time: bright and trendy colors/art to show off friends. 

You aren't going to ask me what CTMH supplies I used, are you?  If you truly are burning to know something, you know you can always post here or email.

So, until the next my next summer project............I'm signing off.

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