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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Don't Throw Those Workshop On The Go Brochures Away!!!

I love the Workshops On The Go brochures from Close to My Heart!  I have saved all of them since they were first introduced.  Artwork trends change over the years and the older how-to books and WOTG brochure artwork don't seem as fresh and new but you know what?  The techniques and ideas can be used again and again whether they inspire or are a guide when the "mojo" is lost or just to save time.  Recently, I pulled out a package of 6"X6" Kraft Die-Cut cards and envelopes.  This time I really was in a hurry as I needed some thank you cards and my stash was empty.  I was also stumped.  What to do with these large kraft cards?  I pulled out the Sonoma WOTG brochure which features a bonus project using 5 kraft cards.  I  used the Dotty For You paper special from this spring, dug out some coordinating embellishments from my stash and whipped out these cards in about an hour.  Fast and easy, new and trendy, all inspired by older art.  I'm not throwing my brochures away and I'm collecting the new ones!!!


  1. great cards...i need to sit down with a few brochures and whip up some cards!

  2. cute cards! I am a crafter myself, love it, but i find the time for it can escape me! I hope to put together a bulletin board this week for my church! We will see how that goes! Great wORK!

    1. Victoria,

      Thanks for visiting and commenting on my post! It's always nice to see new faces here. Please come back again!