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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Coolest New Toy!!!

I can now make my own thermally bound books of any size up to 15"X15" and 4" thick!!!!  It's amazing!!!  I just create pages I want, slide them into the spine of the cover I created, heat, and it's done!  No rings, no stitching, no accordion folding.  Just a book, like all those ordered through online photo sites.

Here's the first one that I by covering chipboard rectangles:

 This next one is a 4X4 book and I used cardstock for the covers.  It's not as study but at least as sturdy as a small spiral notebook you by at the store.

These will be wonderful for small additions for tucking into gift bags and then there is the whole realm of possibilities or themed photo albums or scrapbooks as gifts and to archive the heritage information I am working on.  Whole books with all the information in nice, clean binds.  :)  Oh, and reports......but who wants to think about reports????


  1. Great Books! I'm going to look into that new tool you got!

  2. Nice books...but give over. What are you using that will bind them up to that size. My little binder can't match that.

    1. Terry Ann,

      I have a Fellowes thermal book binder. It binds ANY size book up to 300 pages with a 4" spine. It's similar to YourStory by ProvoCraft. I'll try to take pictures to post next time I am in my studio. :) I LOVE it!!! I just score for the spine, lay down a strip of hot glue to cool, slip in the pages, and heat set. EASY and fun!!!

  3. Awesome books!!! Sounds like a great tool!!