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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Finally Sent Them Off

I ran behind!!!  Four wonderful friends had their first babies this year.  I managed to get gifts off to two of them but the other......I was slllloooowww.  I finally sent them off in the mail the other day.  I really hope they like the little books and matching cards!!!

I posted the one album for Olive back a bit so here is her matching card:

For the other, I sent a card done in Miracle.  It's so soft and pretty!!!

I sewed on both cards to see what I liked best: machine stitching or had stitching.  The result?  I like both....It's worth getting my light little machine out and doing some fast borders.  On the other hand, the bold, simple hand stitches really stand out.  

Which do you like best????


  1. The hand stitching looks better.

  2. I like both, too. These are stankin' adorable!