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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Do you live in stages?

Seems like I scrap/stamp in stages and post in stages. Why is that? I look through my inspirational sites almost daily and I feel inspired inside of me. Then, when I finally get upstairs in my studio to create (house cleaning done, weekend day free to myself, homework/grading done, not too tired, gym workout completed, and all the other demands on life) I frequently sit at my table jumbled, confused, and not liking what I have in front of me; nothing on the outside of me. I laugh at myself. I have too many stamp sets I haven't used and I want to use them all, then can't decide which one will look right on the project; I have too many colors to choose from and can't decide which ones to use with which papers and whether to use B&T or cardstock; I have too many embellishments and none of them is ever the right size or style (beside, if I use one now, I might NEED it for another project and then I won't be able to replace it because it's retired.....Is that called hording); I can't decide what design to use for the card or the layout that fits the stamp set I've chosen for the theme or size of the project; there are too many techniques I want to try and often they just don't "fit" the project I'm trying to do...

The list goes on and on and so I don't ever seem to get much done. I wonder if I'm over whelmed or don't get up to my studio enough to really use everything a little bit and if I just don't have my own sense of style that lets me create quickly and efficiently.

I wish I knew. I wish I had two or three days at a time to create. Just 3-4 hours every other week or even every weekend just aren't enough. I always feel guilty and selfish when I do stake out time for myself in my studio, anyway, even without a family to manage. Though, it does seem once in a while I do get things "flowing" and I can come up with a couple of things that I like. Why can't I just keep them coming and why can't it be every time?????

Ideas and suggestions appreciated.


  1. I know exactly how you feel!! My best times come after a period of blog surfing...not taking any notes or anything, just surfing. I also limit myself to a specific pack of paper and the colors that go with it. Stamp sets can vary at that point, but I try to stick with one or two. The less mess I have out the better I do. Also, I know I create more productively if I play a little every day with really no project in mind. Sometimes a deadline also helps me get an upcoming workshop.

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog. It made my day!


  2. I do scrap/stamp in stages, luckily lately the switch has been in the ON position. I don't scrap/stamp during the week, just too many family things going on with work, the boys and dh. But weekend are pretty lazy lately with the winter weather, so I'll throw in a load of laundry, run upstairs and set me timer for 30 minutes, then blog hop or go to other inspiration sites and work while I can, I'll spend an entire weekend doing this. The boys don't seem to mind and it does give us each a break from the other. Everybody needs down time, this is ours. At the end of Sunday evening, it's laundry folding time (cuz we just throw it all on the sofa until then) and I'll wash my stuff last since most I air dry; put the laundry away for the boys.

    For inspiration every time, good luck with that. Like I said, I blog hop and go use sites like and challenge sites.

    Good Luck!