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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Summer Creatviity

It's been a busy summer with lots of visitors coming and going in my household. I have to admit that I have not created as much as I'd like to have created over the summer but here's what came out of my studio the last month and a half.

A going away to college gift for my niece Paige:

A layout of my darling granddaughter Katie when she was one:

Another layout of my son's Loren and his family's visit July 4th this year:

My shower gift to my good friend Jen who is getting married in a month:

And last a layout of a 2001 visit from my Dad who lives in Michigan:

Though I didn't create as much as I'd have liked, I like most of what I did do. :) Hope everyone is having a good summer!


  1. nice mary! i can see them btw....

  2. And still no layouts with the main squeeze.

  3. I haven't been by for a while and I have to say I am sorry I've been missing out on all your great stuff!! We GOT TO GET TOGETHER!!