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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Catching Up or Reacquainting

It's been a lot time since I posted, hasn't it? Well, this is for all my friends and foes who have been hinting and not so subtling hinting I need to update myself here.

School is going well but it's taking a lot out of me. I'm working until late almost every night and some home just don't seem to get it all done. Managing double curriculum in every subject just sorta wears me out. I'm so worn out that I can't seem to create, much to my frustration. I did and do occasionally visit my studio but the ideas and feel for color and design are just beyond me.

We had a great Thanksgiving at my sisters, a huge snow storm with the most snow in 40 years, a wonderful family Christmas, an anniversary celebration, and visits with friends to accumulate a lot of photos I can scrap when the creativity finally finds me again.

In the mean time, I somehow ended up in a monthly card club with a Stampin'Up group. That means creating a card for the swap every month and man, has that been draining on me, too. I'll post some of them at the bottom of this post. Next week I'm the hostess. I'm soooooo into the My Acrylics, and being able to see where the images I stamp go. So, next week I have no idea what I'll choose as the hostess freebie. Maybe there will be a paper pack I like, I've bought all I want the last three meetings.

I also went to Salt Lake City for a CTMH Album Retreat. We created 21 pages or 10 layouts plus the front page of an album. I am now trying to find just the right pictures for each page. They are so cool and I'll share once they are done.

So, now you're updated. Here are the cards I've worked on since I last wrote.

This card I tried using three different inks and my brayer to make the sunset. It was so pretty! The photo just isn't as vivid and beautiful as real life.

These were done for the December club. I couldn't decide on the image to use from the set so I did cads with all of them, lots of glitter and butters. They were soooo pretty!

I did a Valentine card for this next weekend but it's a not an original design of my own so I'm reluctant to post. I don't want people to think I created the idea. ;)

Bye for now. I'll post anoter when I have something to post.

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  1. those are cute! i love the brayered card..i need to uset hat more. and the xmas cards...i like that template w/ the small squares.
    i would get a cool punch from SU