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Friday, July 18, 2008

Blocked, stifled, dead, apathetic.....

I have a wedding card to do for a wedding tomorrow and I just can't get inspired!!!! I have the invite and it appears the colors are a light olive green (maybe garden green, even olive), off white (colonial white), and brown (chocolate). The card is simple and has one small square Celtic design on it. I don't have any Celtic design stamps any more.....since that fad ended a couple of years ago and the stamps were retired. Help!!!

Blogging Sistahs, CTMH Sisters, ANYONE??????


  1. Hi Mare....Thanks for visiting my blog site and for the kind words. I've visited your site a few times and actually have you on my "favorite sites visited" list of links. ;-)
    I haven't ever made a wedding card, so I can't suggest very much. Maybe you could use the new background stamp (Spot on) using second generation stamp technique on Colonial White card stock; and then one of the "loopy" stamps from the Legendary stamp set using chocolate ink. Only a thought. Maybe it'll help to get your creative juices flowing. ;-)
    Have a marvelous weekend.....and get plenty of ink on your
    Barb in SC

  2. oops.....meant to ask......what is the blogging sistahs?

  3. hmmm...well what about col white...stamp the background stamp we have with the floral swirls on it...and their initial on a block of greens? hmmm....i have to make a wedding card too...but for people i do not know. good lubk